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A long history of Pasta Making

Tuscana Pasta has been creating fresh pasta and sauces for over 40 years with its family recipes and values originating from small-town Italy. We have developed an artisan-style of pasta making by utilizing the newest forms of high-tech equipment that replicates the delicate nature of artisan handmade pasta. Our process focuses on fresh, all-natural ingredients that are paired together beautifully for contemporary and traditional flavor profiles in all our products.

The centuries-old art of pesto making, made famous in the regions surrounding Genoa, Italy, as well as the traditional, age-old method of making pasta is Tuscana’s guiding principle.

Pasta just like Nonna used to make!

All of our natural ingredients are sourced from an array of local organic and global producers when available—selected for freshness and taste in order to create the best pasta and fillings available.

Our full product line is made fresh and created in our FDA and HACCP certified, state of the art facility in Peekskill, NY.

Grandmother Tuscana Pasta

Grandmother Tuscana Pasta

From their days in Emilia-Romagna, Italy to today, the family behind Tuscana Pasta has maintained the traditional recipes and artisan craftsmanship behind pasta making to ensure that every small-batch meets the highest degree of flavor, texture, and culinary excellence you have come to expect from Tuscana Pasta.

Using only USA grains, and USA sourced high-quality ingredients, Tuscana Pasta has ensured to keep the values and traditions of traditional pasta making alive and well. Through passing down their family secrets and recipes to the next generation, today, you will find the same quality and craftsmanship goes into every small-batch as it did generations ago.

No preservatives and no shortcuts, only the finest high-quality ingredients blended together to create the most delicious pasta in the Hudson Valley!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! If you have comments, questions, or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Tucana Pasta Company
1698 Main Street
Peekskill, NY 10566

Tucana Pasta Company
1698 Main Street
Peekskill, NY 10566
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